Five Ways to Wear Colour in Winter

There has never been a better time to wear colour than in winter. Perfect for brightening up dull days, our men’s AW18 collection includes a range of vibrant cashmere knitwear pieces with bold jewel colours and rich timeless hues that will make a statement as part of any winter outfit.

If you’re keen to ditch dull, muted tones for the colder seasons, there are a number of eye-catching and subtle ways you can wear colour. Discover how to integrate colour into your own knitwear collection with our beautifully crafted cashmere pieces, woven from 100% Mongolian cashmere.

N.Peal Coloured Knitwear

Go Bold with A Jewel Coloured Cashmere Jumper

Block colours are the best way to make a statement with your outfit and with a broad selection of shades to choose from, you can be as daring or as contemporary as you like. Opt for a colour that will not only flatter your skin tone but will accentuate the rest of your outfit and create a sophisticated look.

Jewel tones are particularly on-trend this season and when worn in a classic, traditional design, they have maximum impact. Why not opt for our Trafalgar Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in Shiraz Red over black or grey to stand out?

N.Peal Trafalgar Polo Neck in Shiraz Red

Layer Up With Berry Hues

If a bright colour isn’t to your taste, you can always wear flashes of your favourite hues beneath a gilet or jacket. Berry hues are always a stylish choice for colder seasons thanks to their slightly festive feel. Couple with the cosiness of a cable knit and you have a colourful winter outfit that can be worn time and time again.

Our Thames Cable Knit Cashmere Jumper is impossibly luxurious in Burgundy Red, perfect when coupled with the Mall Quilted Cashmere Gilet in Elephant Grey for a timeless contrast.

N.Peal AW18 Trends - Berry Hues

Opt for Colourful Cashmere Cardigans

If you’re looking to bring a pop of colour to your workwear, a great way to do so is with a colourful cashmere cardigan that can be worn with a crisp white shirt and jeans or tailored trousers.

Not only will a vibrant cardigan strike the perfect balance of formal and casual, you can opt for a variety of complementary shades that won’t distract but can still turn heads.

For a splash of colour that’s office-ready, our Fine Gauge Cardigan is available in a rich hue of Mallard Green or versatile Atlantis Blue.

N.Peal Fine Gauge Cardigan in Mallard Green

Make A Statement with Bright Accessories

With colder weather setting in, knitwear should be a vital piece of your wardrobe. It’s also the perfect opportunity to wear brighter, bolder shades you might not feel comfortable wearing head to toe but provide the perfect accent to the rest of your look when worn as accessories.

If you’re wrapping up this season, why not go for our Short Ribbed Cashmere Scarf in a vibrant eye catching shade of Riding Red for a warm festive feel, or Sunbeam Yellow.

Short Ribbed Cashmere Scarf in Riding Red

Go Subtle with Seasonal Shades

Wearing colour doesn’t have to be a big statement if you prefer to keep your look classic and low-key. You can still chooseseasonal shades that blend seamlessly with your existing pieces for an updated on-trend look.

Our classic cut cashmere jumpers in deep, dark green or maroon are the perfect understated accent for AW18, while burnt autumnal oranges look great alongside charcoal grey, navy blue and beige.

Our effortlessly cool beanie-style knitted cashmere hats are also ideal for a subtle pop of colour. Colour block with our Ribbed Cashmere Hat in Saffron Orange – a sumptuous autumnal shade that never goes out of style.

N.Peal AW18 Trends - Saffron Orange

For more ways to wear colour this winter, explore our men’s cashmere collection. You can also find the latest colourful pieces for women in our AW18 ladies cashmere collection.

Three Ways To Wear A Gilet

There are very few items in a man’s wardrobe that are as versatile as the gilet. Perfect for casual weekends at home or layered up to hit the ski slopes of Europe. A cashmere gilet provides all the warmth and comfort you could ever need during Autumn or Winter and are very versatile for sports and travelling.

Discover how to style your cashmere gilet this autumn with our three key ways to wear a gilet. Crafted from the finest 100% Mongolian cashmere, all of our handcrafted designs offer longevity and timeless style, making them a piece you’ll want to wear forever.

N.Peal Men's Gilet AW18

Paired With A Shirt For City Strolls

Whether you’re headed to the office, unwinding at home or popping out for Sunday lunch, a sleek gilet over a shirt captures clean-cut casual style perfectly. Our Fur Lined Gilet in Navy Blue is smart and understated with subtle zip detail and a cosy lining, keeping you warm and comfortable when on the move.

Pair with a crisp long-sleeved button up shirt in check and jeans or chinos to keep the look simple and understated. Throw on our Chunky Ribbed Cashmere Scarf in a vibrant hue such as saffron orange for a pop of colour and you’ll be fully equipped for a relaxed autumnal stroll in the park.

NPeal Fur Lined Gilet in Navy


Layered With Chunky Knitwear For An Evening By The Fire

One key advantage of the gilet is that they’re designed to keep your body warm, while still providing freedom of movement and ventilation so you don’t overheat. This makes a gilet the perfect layer to pair with chunky knits.

Our Cable Fur Lined Gilet in Snow Grey with a dark grey lining is a classic addition to any wardrobe as white never goes out of style, and presents a polished look when worn with our Ribbed Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper. Choose from the same shade of Snow Grey for a clean refined feel or one of the on-trend jewel-toned pieces in our AW18 collection for a modern twist.

Luxuriously soft to the touch and expertly crafted with a traditional cable knit, this gilet has real finesse when worn for a night by the fire.

Npeal Cable Fur Lined Gilet in Snow Grey


Under A Quilted Jacket For A Day Outdoors

Our Mall Quilted Cashmere Gilet in Elephant Grey and Dark Charcoal is the perfect lightweight companion when worn as part of a layered winter outfit, thanks to it’s non-bulky quilted finish and classic cut.

Thrown over finer gauge knitwear pieces such as our Oxford Round Neck Iply Cashmere Jumper, or something more vibrant and slightly chunkier like our Thames Cable Knit in Burgundy Red, the look is complete with our Fur Lined Quilted Jacket which will keep you toasty whatever the weather.

Dress down with jeans and boots, or with skiing trousers on the slopes, and you’ll find you’ll be able to explore for much longer thanks to its insulating quilted design.

NPeal Men's Mall Quilted Jacket in Elephant Grey and Charcoal

No matter your style, you’ll find a number of Men’s timeless cashmere gilets in our collection at N.Peal. Browse our AW18 range today and find your ideal piece today.

How To Wear An Oversized Cardigan

There’s nothing better than cosying up in a slouchy piece of knitwear when the temperatures drop. Ideal for layering and with breathable, flattering cuts, oversized knits are an AW18 trend that has undoubtable longevity.

From sumptuously soft slouchy cashmere jumpers to chunky oversized cardigans, we show you some inspiring ways to wear this trend to keep you looking simply stylish on even the coldest of days…

Key Ways To Style An Oversized Cardigan

If you’re not used to the idea of oversized knitwear, know that oversized doesn’t have to mean that you’re drowning in fabric. An oversized knit should be slightly loose and have plenty of room for you to wear other garments with different textures and thicknesses underneath to create an elegant layered look.

Paying close attention to what you wear underneath also helps to define your look. Form-fitting sweaters and trousers or belted dresses will ensure you retain an streamlined silhouette, while mixing fabrics and textures with your snug cashmere will help balance your outfit.

Ladies Wide Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan White

Understated Looks For The Office

A slouchy cashmere cardigan artfully blurs the lines of smart office attire and understated elegance. Thrown over a tailored dress or crisp white blouse, the Ladies Wide Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan in New Ivory White creates a perfect blend of relaxed yet poised style thanks to its soft shape and demure ivory shade.

Ladies Cable Knit Cashmere Cardigan in Burgundy Red


Off-Duty Days

The slouchy cardigan is the uniform of casual off-duty days. Whether you pair with jeans or tailored trousers, you can rely on a chunky oversized cardigan for a sophisticated layered look.

The festive-hued Ladies Cable Knit Cashmere Cardigan in Burgundy Red was made for those crisp autumn days curled up by the fire. Featuring a chunky folk-inspired knit design, this laid-back cardigan can be layered over a Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in Carbon Grey for extra warmth.

Oversized cardigans are not just a key trend for women either. The Men’s Kensington Cashmere Cardigan in Navy Blue is the perfect understated look for grabbing coffee in the city or strolling in the park, thanks to its slouchy fit and stretchy ribbed design. Style with a cotton shirt and chinos for an effortless casual look.

Men's Kensington Cashmere Cardigan in Navy
Stylish Evening Wear

There are no rules about saving your oversized knits for daywear only – why not bring extra dimension to your evening look with a slouchy cardigan cover up? Swap chunky designs for ultrafine and silky cashmere pieces with luxury detailing such as polished buttons, sparkly threads and fur trims to create a glamourous look that’s perfect for a night of drinks and dinner.

If you’re searching for the perfect evening cover up, look no further than our Fur Trim Cardigan in Navy Blue. This piece is stunning when draped delicately over the shoulders, adding instant winter glamour to a cocktail dress.

For something more modern, pair the flowing, slouchy design of our sophisticated Superfine Oversize Cashmere Jumper in Black with pressed tailored trousers or a long skirt like our Milano Maxi Skirt, creating a quintessential contemporary feel.

Ladies Superfine Oversize Cashmere Jumper in Black


Discover more oversized styles in our mens and womenswear collections at N.Peal and find beautiful pieces you can wear this season and beyond.

Unravelling The History Of Knitwear

A beautiful piece of knitwear is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, but have you ever wondered about where your favourite cashmere designs come from? Whether you prefer fine gauge cashmere knitwear, smart ribbed styles, or cable cashmere jumpers and cardigans to keep warm, knitwear never goes out of fashion.

Let us take you on a journey through the origins of knitwear and explore the different types that feature in our collection.


Knitwear: From Undergarments To A-List Style

Today we think of knitwear as a sophisticated addition to any winter outfit, with plenty of luxurious styles and textures to choose from.

Before the 14th century, the favoured technique to create socks and stockings was double-needle knitting with sheep’s wool. Later, this was also used to create nobilities’ undergarments into the 16th century. In Europe, knitting techniques remained simplistic allowing them to become second nature; these techniques included cable, knot stitches, and reverse stocking stitches.

Over the centuries, the international trading of wool further advanced the knitters skills and materials. During the Industrial revolution, knitting machines, “Spinning Jenny” and power looms made it easier to produce intricate patterns on a much larger scale.

While this would ultimately lead knitwear to become an everyday part of our sartorial style, there were a few unusual stops along the way. For example, knitted wool was originally used for swimsuits during the Edwardian era and later sportswear – a far cry from the breathable fabrics we favour today.

Each culture across the world has developed its own techniques, colours and patterns of Knitwear. It is believed that Native Americans were the first to design and wear ponchos. In Nordic countries, the iconic Fair Isle pattern was developed and is now enjoyed globally.



It was the people of Mongolia, Nepal and Kashmir who started using cashmere thousands of years ago, before it was brought to French and British shores. This luxuriously soft fabric has since become an essential part of our business with authentic sustainable origins in the mountain regions in Mongolia.

By the early 20th century, knitwear had become synonymous luxurious leisurewear. French fashion designer Coco Chanel had introduced casual-wear to the catwalk and the Hollywood stars of the hey-day proved form-fitting knitwear to be a timeless look. The boom in mass production made knitwear products quicker and easier to produce for day-to-day clothing.

Weft And Warp Knits: What’s The Difference?

Today good craftsmanship is what defines a long-lasting piece of knitwear which can be created via a number of techniques. The finished look can vary depending on everything from the type of yarn used, the technique and also the size of the knitting needles.

Two main techniques are Weft and Warp. One of the oldest techniques is the classic weft knit. Dating back to the 11th Century when all knitting was carried out by hand, weft knitting involved weaving stitches from left to right, running across the fabric in a horizontal direction. Examples of weft knitting include cable, rib, purl, and plain knits.

A more complicated technique, traditionally the warp technique uses vertical stitches in a downward direction and is used for finer knitwear patterns such as raschel, Milanese and tricot designs.

Because of its elasticity and ability to keep you warm in all weathers, weft knitting is the most popular stitch for knitwear accessories and larger items like jumpers and cardigans. Warp knitting is usually reserved for delicate trims and linings on a variety of clothing including skirts and outerwear.

Types Of Knit

Cable Knits

Famously considered a fisherman’s favourite for Aran jumpers, cable knits originate on the Western Coast of Ireland. Cable knit jumpers rose to popularity at the start of the 20th Century due to their practicality and ability to provide protection and warmth from the cold weather of the Aran Islands. The distinctive, thick, intertwining patterns are inspired by the traditional Irish and Celtic knot designs.

The humble cable knit is now as likely to be spotted on cosmopolitan city streets as it would be on a fishing boat. These chunky knits are also one of the key trends for A/W18 and are featured within our collection.

Our Cable Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in Burgundy Red is a timeless garment. Chunky knits are not just for men either. Our women’s Oversize Cashmere Jumper in Black is designed with an elegant plaited pattern an eye-catching touch of detail.



Rib Knits

Rib knitting showcases contrasting raised and sunken stitches across the fabric to give it a ’ribbed’ appearance. The structure provides stretch and elasticity to the garment, as well as a chunkier texture. This makes it perfect for thicker jumpers and knitted accessories like our Chunky Rib Contrast Cashmere Hat in Atlantis Blue and Fumo Grey and Men’s Ribbed Cashmere Gloves in Mallard Green.

Our Diagonal Rib Jumper in Carbon Grey is a perfect example of high-quality rib knitwear. The modern chevron pattern is created using a diagonal rib stitch.


What makes N.Peal knitwear different?

At N.Peal, we’re cashmere experts and pride ourselves on designing high-quality knitwear that supports local herders in Central Mongolia, where we source all of our cashmere from. We know how important it is to create garments with longevity, which is why we opt for cashmere over regular wool, allowing you to wear your favourite pieces season after season.

We also pride ourselves on sophisticated and timeless knitwear patterns for our cashmere garments and use a combination of traditional techniques and electronic knitting machines to create beautiful knitwear that will last.


A Brief History Of Knitwear

500 – 1200 A.D.: Early examples of knitting found in Ancient Egypt

15th Century: Knitted socks and stockings are worn by aristocracy

18th Century: Cashmere trade becomes a thriving industry across the globe

1816: England is the first country to build a circular knitting loom to produce
larger quantities

1920s: Synthetic materials introduce knitwear to more consumers

• 1936-1945: Nat Peal opens his first N.Peal store in London and later introduces cashmere to his
collections following WWII

1950: Coco Chanel invents the knitted suit

1970s – 1980s: The trend for wearing sportswear as outerwear results in a spike
in knitwear sales. Designs are available on the mass market thanks to large factory productions

Present day: A revival in hand knitting encourages more people to make our own
knitwear. In contrast, mass-produced items in factories result in lower costs for knitwear,
causing consumers to look for unique knitted items and opt for higher quality products from
experts and designers

Discover your own piece of knitwear history by browsing our range of knitwear styles in our menswear and womenswear collections at N.Peal today.


London Style vs New York Style

Americans say sweater, we British folk say jumper. Whilst we might be similar in some respects to our American counterparts, our fashion styles differ immensely. Americans are famous for their bold, polished and uniformed look, but across the pond in Britain, we’re admired for our freedom to dress a bit quirkily, freely and most importantly with a little more fun.

Effortlessly Stylish Sportswear

With New Yorkers and Londoners balancing busy working weeks with hectic hobbies, it might seem impossible to combine a love of fashion, working out and all the trouble of changing in-between.

When we think of the popular Sportswear designers, we think of big names such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, all born in the USA.

However, no one can deny Britain’s passion for sport and a recent surge of “athletic gear”, which is undeniably practical, but doesn’t necessarily have that high end, slip-me-on luxe appeal.

Our N.Peal women’s loungewear represents London in the high style stakes, proving that us British can also pull off classic sports luxe fashion. The luxurious Bold Stripe Cashmere Trousers in Navy Blue and Sand Brown are an effortless way to pull of the classic sportswear trend.

American and British Fashion Off the Catwalk

The USA started functional fashion, backed by some of the biggest worldwide trends such as the first commercial manufacture of jeans by Levi Strauss in 1873. The aim was to provide durable trousers for tough jobs, mirroring the American motto “working hard achieves your dreams”.

It was a similar story in Britain from the 1940s, as women needed practical clothing to work in hard labour roles during the war. As a result, women all over the world began to wear trousers with rolled up shirts and jumpers; overall an androgynous and practical style approach was preferred for the practicalities of working life. Our Herringbone Cashmere Coatigan in Navy Blue and Fumo Grey is a classic example of modern masculine-inspired womenswear.

Staying Stylish in Extreme Weather

London typically enjoys a cooler summer, followed by dark and milder winters and generally a wetter climate. In contrast, New York has a more extreme climate, with long hot summers and very cold and snowy winters.

Men in New York favour our Fur Lined Quilted Jacket in Fumo Grey and Dark Grey to shield them from the harsh snow, whilst Londoners prefer to wear a waterproof rain mac to keep them dry.

Both American and British fashionista’s would enjoy a multifunctional shawl, like our Pashmina Cashmere Stole in Atlantis Blue, which can be used as a picnic blanket, or thrown over your shoulders during an evening stroll. Shawls give us that glamourous feminine feeling, wherever and whenever they are used.

Who Wore Cashmere Jumpers Best?

One of the biggest fashion focused debates between the UK and the USA is deciding who wears a cashmere turtleneck better and who wore it first. Americans would argue that their nation’s vintage sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe, helped to give the turtleneck elegance and sex appeal, showing off her famous hourglass figure, paired with high-waisted trousers and iconic blonde hair.

But Londoners could cite the popularity of the roll neck on our nation’s sweethearts such as Kate Middleton, Princess Diana and of course world-famous model Kate Moss.

What would you wear our Trafalgar Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in Black with? Americans would say trousers, or as they call them, slacks! However, the arrival of the mini skirt in London in 1964 put the city firmly on the fashion map as the whole world wanted to “get the London look” and pair cashmere jumpers with skirts.

You can get your very own London look with our brand-new autumn skirts, which are the perfect companion for our classic cashmere roll necks. The Milano Maxi Skirt in Black is a wardrobe staple and perfect to wear with a tucked in roll neck.

NY Fashion vs London Fashion

New York offers a unique and exciting atmosphere, full of life and buzzing with anticipation for the next timeless shape. The London scene, by contrast, is often described as a city where people like to work hard and play hard with their fashion choices, choosing brands built on heritage and history.

What does London have that NYC doesn’t? London is full of eclectic small designers whose styles are vibrant in nature. Here at N.Peal, we began in the 1930s as a small designer selling from one store in Burlington Arcade, which remains our flagship store.

With N.Peal, you can choose between New York and London style and a mix somewhere in-between. Whether you shop at our London stores, at our New York store or online, you’ll get the same great quality and flair you associate with N. Peal.

Browse our new A/W18 menswear and womenswear collections at N.Peal and look forward to stepping out in an outfit inspired by London or New York style!

The Ultimate Guide To Winter Layering

Layering your clothing lets you combine the best of both worlds: looking effortlessly stylish and staying warm. To help you get the perfect outfit for the cooler season, we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to wear layers.Layering your clothing lets you combine the best of both worlds: looking effortlessly stylish and staying warm. To help you get the perfect outfit for the cooler season, we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to wear layers.

Taking inspiration from the key fashion trends for A/W18 we show you how to style layers. Follow our tips and create an outfit that will keep you warm whatever the weather.

Layering Essentials

If you’re new to layering, an easy way to start is with a cashmere cardigan. You’ll find all the function and versatility you’re looking for with our Wide Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan in Black Sparkle.

The slouchy fit of this cashmere cardigan gives you total freedom with your layering. You can opt for fitted tops such as our Superfine Long Sleeve Cashmere Top in Sand Brown worn with our Superfine Cashmere Shell Top in New Ivory White underneath on extra cold days.

Alternatively, wear it with our Round Neck Cashmere T-Shirt in Elephant Grey for a tonal colour palette. Pair with jeans and a pair of your favourite boots, and finish with our matching Bramble Stitch Cashmere Beret in Elephant Grey to embrace the statement headwear trend.

How To Style A Poncho

When it comes to cashmere ponchos, our Fur Trim Diagonal Rib Poncho in Snow Grey is a stand-out piece from our A/W collection. Featuring a luxurious yet cosy diagonal knit, it’s a nod to the autumn trend of modest dressing.

The elegant cropped fur sleeves help show off colourful sleeves or a patterned top worn underneath. This timeless cashmere poncho is ideal to wear with our Round Neck Cashmere T-Shirt in Aubergine Purple on warmer autumnal days, or pair with our stylish Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in Saffron Orange to create a snug cold weather look. It’s also available in Carbon Grey.

Sumptuously Soft Textures

Can you think of a better way to layer up with our Textured Oversize Cashmere Poncho in Black and Fumo Grey? It’s the perfect knitted poncho if you want to make a bold statement with your outfit this season. Our cashmere poncho is also ideal to wrap up in on a chilly evening by throwing over leggings and a jumper, or pairing with a knitted dress and tights.

For a winning layering look, team this with your favourite jeans and our Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in New Ivory White. Or, complement the grey tones of this poncho with our V Neck Cashmere Jumper in Burgundy Red over a fitted white shirt and tailored trousers. You’re guaranteed a timeless outfit for the office while effortlessly mastering the popular jewel tones trend.

Instant Sports Chic

Sportswear is a key style for this season and luckily, it has never been easier to layer the look. Our Oversize Side Split Jumper in Blue Beige is ideal if you want to pay homage to this trend and layer with a touch of luxury.

To help you keep the cold at bay, you can layer a cashmere roll neck jumper underneath. Go for a rich colour like our Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in Moss Green to follow this season’s opulent jewel trend — or wear the Snow Grey version for a minimalist look. Pair with navy or black tailored trousers and your favourite shoes for the ultimate transitional outfit for both the office and off-duty days.

For more inspiration on winter layering, read our guide on how to wear a cape. Discover our range of womenswear at N.Peal today to find your key layering pieces for autumn.

How To Store Your Cashmere Clothing

Luxurious cashmere clothing is an elegant wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. To make sure your delicate garments are always in pristine condition, it’s vital to know how to store your cashmere clothing correctly. This is particularly important if you’re transitioning your wardrobe between seasons and won’t be wearing your favourite cashmere garments for a while.

A common issue when storing cashmere is how to prevent moths from getting into your delicate clothing. While it may not be pleasant to think about pesky moths damaging your cashmere, we recommend taking necessary precautions with your cashmere so it’s ready to wear straight from your wardrobe at any time!

This helpful guide from N.Peal will show you how to prepare and store your cashmere, including using high-quality products from our collaboration with the iconic New York brand The Laundress.

Maintain the Quality of Your Cashmere

If your cashmere is clean, it might just need a little TLC before storing. A common sign of general ‘wear and tear’ is pilling, where the fabric rolls up into small balls and is caused by friction against other fabrics.

We know how frustrating it can be to find pilling on your favourite cashmere garment. Luckily, we can help you quickly restore your cashmere.

Tackle pilling on smaller cashmere clothing such as jumpers, cardigans, or scarves with The Cashmere Comb. Use the comb in one direction and apply gentle pressure in short strokes and the small metal mesh will safely gather the dreaded pills.

Removing pilling on thicker items of cashmere knitwear such as coatigans, capes, and outerwear is easy with The Cashmere Stone. Gently glide it over the fabric in one direction to refresh your cashmere.

Cleaning Your Seasonal Cashmere Before Storing

Before you say goodbye to your favourite cashmere garments for another season, it’s important to wash your items thoroughly.

A gentle wash like The Laundress Cashmere Wash is specifically formulated to preserve your delicate cashmere clothing, ensuring it stays soft while stored in your wardrobe. It also has a divine scent of fresh bergamot, blue lavender and wild rose to guarantee your items smell fresh when it’s time to wear them again.

If you notice a stain on your cashmere, we strongly advise removing it and drying the garment completely before storing; see our advice on how to remove stains from cashmere.

How to Fold Delicate Cashmere

Once your delicate cashmere garments are clean and completely dry, how you fold them is key to preserving their shape and luxuriously soft texture. Resist the temptation to hang your cashmere up in your wardrobe – this will stretch the sleeves and make your precious garments lose their beautiful shape.

Before folding, if you find that your garments need ironing, use a low setting and place a clean cotton tea towel between the iron and your cashmere. Once ironed, place your cashmere items carefully on a clean, flat surface and carefully fold.

Folding cashmere jumpers is easy. Start by folding each sleeve into the middle of the garment while keeping the fabric straight (and avoiding stretching the sleeves). Finally, turn the cashmere jumper over and fold the bottom half underneath.

Cashmere Storage Essentials

If you need to store your cashmere garments between wears, we recommend
putting your items inside a storage bag and keeping them away from direct sources of dust, odours and heat. For long-term storage, clean and fold your cashmere clothing as we’ve suggested to ensure they’ll be ready to wear for the next season. Pack them in a storage bag and store in a cool, dark place away from damp and dust. Ideal storage places include drawers or your wardrobe.

At N.Peal you’ll find Large Storage Bags, which are ideal for storing larger delicate cashmere garments, including cashmere dresses, trousers and coats. Knowing how to store cashmere jumpers is simple thanks to our Small Storage Bags, designed for smaller cashmere items like jumpers, tops and accessories.

Both canvas bags are made from soft and durable 100% cotton, a fibre less likely to attract moths so your seasonal cashmere clothing stays protected for longer. These bags have a top zip fastening so you don’t have to worry about your favourite cashmere getting damaged by pesky moths or bugs when you’re not wearing them.

If you’re not sure what size storage bag to use, we recommend buying the larger size so you can store multiple items and allow your cashmere to breathe.

Prevent Moth or Mildew Damage

Before you pack your cashmere away, we recommend using specialist cashmere care accessories for additional protection. Our Cedar Balls are easy to pop into a storage bag, or can be placed inside a drawer if that’s where you’re storing your cashmere. A well-known natural moth-repellent, cedar balls also help absorb moisture from your items to prevent an unpleasant mildew smell tainting your beloved cashmere.

If you’d like to find out more about taking care of your cashmere, you can read our caring for cashmere guide on The Journal.

How To Wear A Long Cashmere Cardigan

Autumn is the perfect time of year to update your wardrobe with sumptuously soft and stylish cashmere to keep the cold at bay. After all, just because the weather is cooler, it doesn’t mean you can’t look effortlessly stylish as you wrap up warm in something snug.

‘Duster’ style cashmere coats are a key trend for A/W 18, so whether you want to wear one of this season’s most favoured items, or a chic full-length cashmere cardigan, this helpful guide will show you how you can wear that fashion-forward piece, so you’re prepared for the new season.

The Perfect Oversize Coatigan

Earn extra style points this autumn with our Crochet Waterfall Cashmere Coatigan in Navy Blue and Fumo Grey. Designed with an understated contrast of navy and grey, it’s the perfect wardrobe classic to wear when the temperature drops. It’s an extremely versatile piece; wear it with fitted jeans and boots at the weekend, or pair with a skirt suit for the office. Add a touch of French flair with our Mini Stripe Jumper, made from a luxurious blend of cashmere and Lurex.

Crochet Waterfall Cashmere Coatigan

You can show off a colourful pair of trousers with this cashmere cardigan, or wear it over a knee-length tunic with our Leggings or classic black tights and heels – this look will take you straight from office to any party! Its main standout feature are the loose sleeves so you can wear stylish long-sleeved gloves underneath. The matching belt is also perfect to cinch your waist in and accentuate your silhouette, drawing the eye down.

Look To Traditional Fabrics

You’ll certainly forget about feeling the cold if you step out in our elegant Herringbone Cashmere Coatigan. If you’re looking for a pop of colour, or rich autumnal shades, team it with our Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere jumper in Burgundy Red. Opt for timeless style by tucking the roll neck into jeans or a midi skirt, accessorising with ankle boots and statement jewellery.

Herringbone Cashmere Coatigan

Alternatively, show off your fashion credentials and wear this cashmere coatigan with an all-navy outfit for a relaxed daytime look that complements the navy panels on the shoulders and hem. The exaggerated proportions of a cashmere duster coat will help to streamline your silhouette – especially when paired with a crisp white shirt and tailored trousers. Add this to your wardrobe for a quick seasonal update that will add to every outfit that it is worn with.

Understated Off-Duty Luxury

It’s never been easier to add luxury to your new season wardrobe than with our Fur Trim Hooded Cardigan in Snow Grey. This classic long cashmere cardigan is perfect for those off-duty days when all you want to do is relax after a busy week.

Fur Trim Hooded Cardigan Snow Grey

With a sophisticated fur trim and additional drawstring detailing on the waist, this can be styled with our matching Striped Cashmere Trousers and Bold Stripe V Neck Cashmere Jumper over a vest to stay warm. It even has a snug hood to cover your ears and head, so you stay warm on chilly days.

Or, if you’re going for a more colourful look, go for layers and pair it with our Cropped Cashmere Jumper in Aubergine Purple with a simple roll neck underneath.

Effortless Style is Easy

Our Cardigan Stitch Cashmere Coatigan in Carbon Grey is a staple for any A/W wardrobe and will carry itself through multiple seasons with its subtle colour and design. The slimline cut makes it a dream to layer over numerous trouser styles, working especially well with fitted jeans, or wide leg trousers if you’d like to make your outfit interesting and play with proportions.

Cardigan Stitch Cashmere Coatigan Carbon Grey

If you’re going for a sleek, understated look, opt for a muted colour palette and wear this cashmere duster cardigan with our Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in Elephant Grey and black trousers. Take your outfit to the next level and layer a white shirt underneath our Bold Stripe V Neck Cashmere Jumper in Navy Blue and Sand Brown for a look that’s a modern twist on the effortless English Rose. This luxurious cashmere cardigan is also available in Ochre Yellow if you want to make a statement.

How will you be staying warm for the new season? Explore our womenswear collection today and discover the latest N.Peal designs.

How To Remove A Stain From Your Cashmere Jumper


We all have cherished items in our wardrobe that we want to keep fresh and looking their best. Thankfully, there are numerous methods to keeping your cashmere in its best condition.

It is not always essential to clean your cashmere garments after each wear, but you may find a stain on your favourite cashmere no matter how careful you are. Luckily, you can remove stains from even the most delicate cashmere with careful cleaning.

We suggest avoiding soap or machine detergents, which can be too harsh for delicate cashmere and could make the stain worse.

This guide will help you to remove stains from your cashmere garments with the help of a range of specialised, eco-friendly cashmere care products, that we have developed in collaboration with New York brand The Laundress.

N.Peal x The Laundress

Quickly Removing Stains From Your Cashmere Jumper

These quick tips can help you confidently remove stains from your favourite cashmere garments. There are several ways to challenge tough stains from your jumper without damaging the delicate cashmere.

The most suitable method for removing common stains is to first run the garment under cool water, before adding a small amount of cashmere wash to the water and letting the item soak.

The Laundress Stain Solution

If you’re looking for a specialised cashmere stain treatment, The Laundress Stain Solution works wonderfully. You only need one drop of the formula, which is unscented, non-toxic, and allergen-free, making it perfect for delicate garments and sensitive skin alike. It also works great on both old and new stains – simply add it to cold water and rub the fabric gently with the adjacent side and leave to soak. Repeat if necessary before washing your garment as normal with cashmere wash. Remember to avoid rubbing the garment too much, which can lead to holes developing.

For stubborn stains that can’t be removed at home, you can take your cashmere items to a professional. However, if you’re keen to hand wash your cashmere at home, read on to find out how to effectively combat the most frequent stains:

Removing Sweat Stains

Stains from perspiration or deodorant may not be the most pleasant to handle, but they are one of the most common stains on garments. There are a few handy tips to help you get your cashmere looking and smelling fresh again.

First, apply a specialist stain solution such as this one from The Laundress to the affected area and gently rub with the other side of the garment. Then, pour cold water onto the garment – we recommend doing this from height for maximum effect. Leave the garment to soak in the water. If you find that the stain hasn’t completely gone, you may need to repeat the process until it has disappeared.

Once complete, you can wash your garment as normal with cashmere wash (read on below for our drying tips).

Cleaning Mud and Grass from Cashmere

If you’ve taken your cashmere jumper to the park, or picnic, or simply found mud and grass stains on your favourite item, try to remove the stains as quickly as possible. Leaving the stain for too long can result in it affecting the delicate cashmere fibres, potentially damaging the garment.

Gently remove any excess dirt from the material. Then dip a cloth into the Stain solution and dab the area taking care not to rub until the stain disappears. It’s important to be gentle when doing this as you don’t want the stain to spread.

If you find that the mud or grass stain is especially stubborn, leave the item to soak with a little more stain solution applied in cool. This should help to lift difficult stains. You can then wash your garment as normal.

Getting Rid of Pasta Sauce, Soup and More

Oily or dark stains like pasta sauce, soup or condiments are often the ones we dread most and can sometimes require extra effort to clean, but the secret is to treat the garment as soon as you can. Quickly rinse the cashmere in cold water, adding a few drops of cashmere wash or gentle detergent.

Leave the garment to soak in the cold water and cashmere wash mix until the stain has disappeared. A final wash with cold water should get rid of any last splashes of stain.

If there are stubborn traces of sauce left, you should use a stain solution such as this one from The Laundress to treat the affected area.

Once clear, lightly hand wash the garment as normal with cashmere wash.

Drying Your Cashmere

Many people are worried that their cashmere garment may be misshapen after washing. However by drying your cashmere properly, you can easily avoid this.

Place the garment on a towel, patting excess water out by rolling the towel up slowly. Using a fresh towel, lay the garment out and leave to dry flat, away from direct sunlight. To prevent the garment from stretching, you must avoid wringing it.

A final step in cashmere maintenance is correct storage. The best way to store your item is to place in a breathable cotton bag which can be zipped closed to keep your garments fresh and protected from moths. We stock a large and small storage bag to cater for all sizes of garment.

Removing Stains From Your Cashmere – Key Things to Remember        


  • Treat the stain as soon as you can
  • Use only a small amount of mild washing solution
  • Be gentle when washing, drying and storing your cashmere clothes


  • Don’t use hot water – cold is always best
  • Don’t panic if the stain doesn’t come out immediately, especially for darker stains like sauces. Let the garment soak in the water and detergent mix for as long as possible to get to work on the stain
  • Don’t use bleach – this will damage delicate garments
  • Don’t be tempted to hang up your garment to dry. This could result in the garment losing shape. Make sure you dry gently and store in a proper storage bag once dry

If you need more information on how to clean your cashmere, take a look at our complete guide on caring for your cashmere.

A/W 18 Fashion Trends You’ll Find At N.Peal

Things are now looking distinctly autumnal in Britain, bringing with it all the new and exciting fashion trends that we have been eagerly awaiting. London is N. Peal’s forever home, at the heart of one the most stylish city’s fashion hub.

Our latest AW18 collection at N. Peal draws on influences from the catwalks at Fashion Week to create a refreshed collection of new season cashmere pieces and looks.

While our cashmere collections remain classic and timeless, our Autumn/Winter collection nods to the latest AW18 trends. Whether you’re shopping for classic wardrobe staples, or the latest fashion piece, you can discover how to wear these seasonal looks with our N. Peal guide…

Glossy Fabrics

Glossy fabrics have been a much-debated trend in the fashion industry for many years, however, AW18 is the season where this look is being fully embraced by fashion lovers.  Under the glossy fabric category, you’ll also find PVC and leathers, which tend to demand all the attention. At N.Peal, a subtler sheen is the favoured version of the trend, perfectly captured within our Fur and Leather Trim Jacket in Navy Blue. This elegant jacket ticks all the boxes and will win you fashion points wherever you go, from office to evening theatre.

Fur and Leather Trim Jacket


Statement Headwear

Statement headwear really stole the show in Autumn 2018 fashion catwalks, and you will find a number of stylish pieces within our collection to help you achieve this coveted look.

We have lightly taken this inspiration to produce our very own snood, which is both practical and fashion-forward, certain to keep you warm into the winter months.

If you’re searching for something with character, we also have a show-stopping Bramble Stitch Cashmere Beret in Riding Red as featured on our Instagram. This piece will complement the tones of your makeup and accessories to provide an instant colour pop, as well as an a ’la mode European edge.

Red Bramble Stitch Cashmere Beret



What is it about check prints that are so quintessentially British, but also luxurious?

Check and tartan print scarves rarely date, which makes them the ultimate wardrobe investment. Many designers at Fashion Week combined their checks with mixed prints and textures for a distinctive layered look.

Not only are our scarves such as the Blue Check and Camel Brown  part of this trend, but they can also be seamlessly transitioned for the seasons. Simply throw around the shoulders for an extra layer, or tie neatly around your handbag. For a classic day-to-day look, why not pair with our oversized cashmere jumpers and knee-high boots?

Check Cashmere Scarf

Modest Dressing

Modest dressing has always been a key feature within all N. Peal collections; it is now a fundamental trend within this year’s catwalks, having been seen in Paris, London, New York and Milan.

While it can be difficult to find clothes that are both high fashion and high coverage all year round, it has always been at the heart of our elegant British style.

The modest dressing trend focuses on oversize and longer line pieces that are tapered for your silhouette. Our collection goes one step further to capture personality, as well as being on-trend. If you are looking for the perfect modest look, why not opt for our Pearl Embellished Cashmere Jumper in Navy Blue, paired with our mid-length Herringbone Cashmere Skirt, which will allow you to follow two trends simultaneously?

Pearl Embellished Jumper and Cashmere Skirt


Sports Chic

The Sports Luxe trend won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Sports luxe aims to step up the game to allow loungewear to become one of the most sought-after styles all year round. It’s also a risk-free trend to invest in; it is comfortable, stylish and practical, and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

Opt for our relaxed Striped Cashmere Trousers in Sand Brown and pair with our Bold Stripe V Neck Cashmere Jumper for a look that will suit every occasion, from a casual lunch to the ski slopes of Aspen.

Sports Luxe


Jewel Tones

Fashion appetites move from the creamy pastel tones of the summer to sumptuously rich jewel tones for the colder months.

Thankfully, jewel colours suit all skin tones. This autumn, we’re focusing on rich burgundy, ochre and deep mallard greens to brighten up grey days. These shades feature in a variety of our colourful cashmere knitwear styles, making it easy to choose how much colour you want to showcase in your daily look.

Our Ladies Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in Burgundy Red is a timeless piece with a flattering cut to suit all body types, while our men’s Trafalgar Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper will have the wearer feeling like royalty in a deep Shiraz Red.

Trafalgar Polo Cashmere Jumper

Which of our AW18 trends would you like to wear? Discover our womenswear collection and find our latest pieces.