How To Remove A Stain From Your Cashmere Jumper

We all have cherished items in our wardrobe that we want to keep fresh and looking their best. Thankfully, there are numerous methods to forever keeping your cashmere in its best condition.

It is not always essential to clean your cashmere garments after each wear, you may find a stain on your favourite cashmere no matter how careful you are. Luckily, you can remove stains from even the most delicate cashmere with a careful cleaning and maintenance routine.

We suggest avoiding soap or machine detergents, which can be too harsh for delicate cashmere and could make the stain worse.

This guide will help you to remove stains from your cashmere garments. We sell a range of specialised cashmere care products, including our eco-friendly collaboration with New York brand The Laundress, giving you the opportunity to purchase the best products for your cashmere, maintaining their quality for a lifetime.

N.Peal x The Laundress

Quickly Removing Stains From Your Cashmere Jumper

By using these quick tips, you can easily remove stains on your favourite cashmere garment. There are a number of ways you can clean tough stains from your jumper without damaging the delicate cashmere, whilst still maintaining its condition.

The most suitable method for removing common stains is to first run the garment under cool water, before adding a small amount of gentle detergent or mild shampoo to water and letting it soak.

The Laundress Stain Solution

If you’re looking for a specialised cashmere stain treatment, The Laundress Stain Solution works wonderfully. You only need one drop of the formula, which is unscented, non toxic, and allergen-free, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It’s also ideal for both old and new stains – simply add it to cold water, work the fabric gently with a soft stain brush and leave it to soak. Repeat if necessary and then wash your garment as normal with a specialist product like The Laundress Cashmere Wash.

When washing a stain out of cashmere, remember to avoid rubbing the garment, which can lead to holes developing. For stubborn stains that can’t be removed at home, you can take your cashmere items to a professional. However, if you’re keen to hand wash your cashmere at home, read on to find out how to effectively combat the most frequent stains:

Removing Sweat Stains

Stains from perspiration or deodorant may not be the most pleasant to handle, but they are one of the most common stains on garments. There are a few handy tips can help you get your cashmere looking and smelling fresh again.

First, apply a specialist stain solution to the affected area and work using a stain brush. Then, pour cold water onto the garment – we recommend doing this from height for maximum affect. Leave the garment to soak in the water. If you find that the stain hasn’t completely gone, you may need to repeat the process until it has disappeared.

Once complete, wash by hand with a cashmere wash and dry (read on below for our drying tips.).

Cleaning Mud and Grass from Cashmere

If you’ve taken your cashmere jumper to the park, or picnic, or simply found mud and grass stains on your favourite item, try to remove the stains as quickly as possible. Leaving the stain for too long can result in it affecting the delicate cashmere fibres, potentially damaging the garment.

Get a blunt knife and make sure any excess dirt is removed from the material. Dipping a cloth in gentle detergent and cold water and dabbing – not rubbing – until the stain disappears is the next step. It’s important to be gentle when doing this as you don’t want the stain to spread.

If you find that the mud or grass stain is especially stubborn, mix baby shampoo and cool water and soak. This should help to lift difficult stains. You can then wash your garment as normal.

Getting Rid of Pasta Sauce, Soup and More

Oily or dark stains like pasta sauce, soup or condiments are often the ones we dread most and can sometimes require extra effort to clean, but the secret is to treat the garment as soon as you can. Quickly rinse the cashmere in cold water, adding a few drops of cashmere wash or gentle detergent.

Leave the garment to soak in the cold water and cashmere wash mix until the stain has disappeared. A final wash with cold water should get rid of any last splashes of stain.

If there are stubborn traces of sauce left, you can use a cashmere wash or mild shampoo to hand-wash the entire garment to complete the process. When this is complete, find a dry cloth to dip in the water and wash mix to gently dab at the stain.

Lightly hand wash the garment as normal with a specialist cashmere wash, your garment should now be stain-free.

Drying Your Cashmere

Many people are worried that their cashmere garment may be misshapen after washing. However by drying your cashmere properly, it will help your pieces to stay shaped.

Place the garment on a towel, patting excess water out by rolling the towel up slowly. Using a fresh towel, lay the garment out and leave to dry. To avoid stretching the garment, you must avoid wringing it.

A final step in cashmere maintenance is correct storage. The best way to store your item is to place in a breathable canvas bag which can be zip locked, keeping your garments fresh and protected from moths. We stock a large and small storage bag.

Removing Stains From Your Cashmere – Key Things to Remember        


  • Treat the stain as soon as you can
  • Use only a small amount of mild washing solution
  • Be gentle when washing, drying and storing your cashmere clothes


  • Don’t use hot water – cold is always best
  • Don’t panic if the stain doesn’t come out immediately, especially for darker stains like sauces. Let the garment soak in the water and detergent mix for as long as possible to get to work on the stain
  • Don’t use bleach – this will damage delicate garments
  • Don’t be tempted to hang up your garment to dry. This could result in the garment losing shape. Make sure you dry gently and store in a proper storage bag once dry

If you need more information on how to clean your cashmere, take a look at our complete guide on caring for your cashmere.

A/W 18 Fashion Trends You’ll Find At N.Peal

Things are now looking distinctly autumnal in Britain, bringing with it all the new and exciting fashion trends that we have been eagerly awaiting. London is N. Peal’s forever home, at the heart of one the most stylish city’s fashion hub.

Our latest AW18 collection at N. Peal draws on influences from the catwalks at Fashion Week to create a refreshed collection of new season cashmere pieces and looks.

While our cashmere collections remain classic and timeless, our Autumn/Winter collection nods to the latest AW18 trends. Whether you’re shopping for classic wardrobe staples, or the latest fashion piece, you can discover how to wear these seasonal looks with our N. Peal guide…

Glossy Fabrics

Glossy fabrics have been a much-debated trend in the fashion industry for many years, however, AW18 is the season where this look is being fully embraced by fashion lovers.  Under the glossy fabric category, you’ll also find PVC and leathers, which tend to demand all the attention. At N.Peal, a subtler sheen is the favoured version of the trend, perfectly captured within our Fur and Leather Trim Jacket in Navy Blue. This elegant jacket ticks all the boxes and will win you fashion points wherever you go, from office to evening theatre.

Fur and Leather Trim Jacket


Statement Headwear

Statement headwear really stole the show in Autumn 2018 fashion catwalks, and you will find a number of stylish pieces within our collection to help you achieve this coveted look.

We have lightly taken this inspiration to produce our very own snood, which is both practical and fashion-forward, certain to keep you warm into the winter months.

If you’re searching for something with character, we also have a show-stopping Bramble Stitch Cashmere Beret in Riding Red as featured on our Instagram. This piece will complement the tones of your makeup and accessories to provide an instant colour pop, as well as an a ’la mode European edge.

Red Bramble Stitch Cashmere Beret



What is it about check prints that are so quintessentially British, but also luxurious?

Check and tartan print scarves rarely date, which makes them the ultimate wardrobe investment. Many designers at Fashion Week combined their checks with mixed prints and textures for a distinctive layered look.

Not only are our scarves such as the Blue Check and Camel Brown  part of this trend, but they can also be seamlessly transitioned for the seasons. Simply throw around the shoulders for an extra layer, or tie neatly around your handbag. For a classic day-to-day look, why not pair with our oversized cashmere jumpers and knee-high boots?

Check Cashmere Scarf

Modest Dressing

Modest dressing has always been a key feature within all N. Peal collections; it is now a fundamental trend within this year’s catwalks, having been seen in Paris, London, New York and Milan.

While it can be difficult to find clothes that are both high fashion and high coverage all year round, it has always been at the heart of our elegant British style.

The modest dressing trend focuses on oversize and longer line pieces that are tapered for your silhouette. Our collection goes one step further to capture personality, as well as being on-trend. If you are looking for the perfect modest look, why not opt for our Pearl Embellished Cashmere Jumper in Navy Blue, paired with our mid-length Herringbone Cashmere Skirt, which will allow you to follow two trends simultaneously?

Pearl Embellished Jumper and Cashmere Skirt


Sports Chic

The Sports Luxe trend won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Sports luxe aims to step up the game to allow loungewear to become one of the most sought-after styles all year round. It’s also a risk-free trend to invest in; it is comfortable, stylish and practical, and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

Opt for our relaxed Striped Cashmere Trousers in Sand Brown and pair with our Bold Stripe V Neck Cashmere Jumper for a look that will suit every occasion, from a casual lunch to the ski slopes of Aspen.

Sports Luxe


Jewel Tones

Fashion appetites move from the creamy pastel tones of the summer to sumptuously rich jewel tones for the colder months.

Thankfully, jewel colours suit all skin tones. This autumn, we’re focusing on rich burgundy, ochre and deep mallard greens to brighten up grey days. These shades feature in a variety of our colourful cashmere knitwear styles, making it easy to choose how much colour you want to showcase in your daily look.

Our Ladies Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in Burgundy Red is a timeless piece with a flattering cut to suit all body types, while our men’s Trafalgar Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper will have the wearer feeling like royalty in a deep Shiraz Red.

Trafalgar Polo Cashmere Jumper

Which of our AW18 trends would you like to wear? Discover our womenswear collection and find our latest pieces.


N.Peal Opens Their First New York Store on Madison Avenue

We’re proud to announce that N.Peal recently established its first US store on New York’s City’s Madison Avenue, bringing our classic British cashmere to a new audience. In February 2018, we opened our doors to fashion fans in the heart of the Big Apple’s luxury retail district; a prime location which places our store across the road from The Met Breuer, and close to Central Park.

N.Peal store front New York

N.Peal has certainly come a long way since its origins in London’s Burlington Arcade, the home of our flagship store. Since our inception in 1936, we’ve become one of the UK’s most iconic luxury brands. With a range of UK stores across London in Mayfair, Piccadilly, Knightsbridge and Covent Garden, our new Madison Avenue store is our very first US store, and we’re keen to inject a slice of British luxury to the US fashion market.

N.Peal in-store New York

N.Peal Managing Director Adam Holdsworth said, “Following a successful 2017, in which sales soared to £15 million, the time is right for us to launch our exciting Madison Avenue store that will, in turn, support online growth. We’re on course for a stellar 2018!”

Yorkshireman Holdsworth bought N.Peal in 2006 and transformed the brand into an international success, which included expanding the website for an American audience. He rebuilt the brand, focusing on its rich British heritage and high-quality supply chain, leading N.Peal to become the luxury cashmere brand it is today.

Over the years, we’ve built up a loyal fanbase and our iconic cashmere jumpers have been worn by some of Hollywood’s most famous names including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant and Ava Gardner. N.Peal’s association with A-listers is something we’re thrilled to continue across the pond.

Luxurious Cashmere in our N.Peal New York Store

If you visit our New York store on Madison Avenue, you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable shopping experience with high-quality service provided by our dedicated team. The lofty interior is impressively modern and stylish – just like our cashmere designs! Our friendly staff are always on hand if you need advice, whether you need styling tips, or want to find out how to care for your cashmere favourites.


You’ll also find plenty of choice at our luxurious New York N.Peal store, with many of our best-selling items lovingly displayed in a number of colours and styles. Here you can explore our full cashmere range, including pieces from our Women’s Spring Collection, including the effortlessly stylish Round Neck Cashmere Jumper in Rich Coral Pink, and our Ultrafine Pashmina Cashmere Shawl in Lilac Pink. For an extra-special touch to an outfit, you can wear our Chain Fronted Cashmere T-Shirt in Navy Blue and step out in style.

N.Peal New York Store

You’ll also find cashmere items from our Men’s Spring Collection, such as our Collared Milano Cashmere Waistcoat in Fumo Grey, and our Carnaby Half Zip Cashmere Jumper in Reef Blue and Lava Blue. If you’re searching for the perfect cashmere accessory, we also stock our Woven Cashmere Scarf in Soft Brown. 

Browse N.Peal today and discover our Women’s Cashmere Collection and Men’s Cashmere Collection for a classic cashmere look.

Knitwear Items Which Should be Part of Every Wardrobe

Knitwear is essential for any wardrobe. Whether it’s a stylish cardigan or a timeless jumper, cashmere knitwear is perfect for almost any occasion, and is incredibly versatile to wear.  

To help inspire you and ensure that you have all of the knitwear essentials you’ll ever need, we’ve selected a handful of our gorgeous cashmere pieces to see you through the year, whatever the occasion. You can discover more ways to style your cashmere knitwear with our handy guide on transitioning a winter wardrobe for spring.

A Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

A crew neck cashmere jumper is an essential piece for any wardrobe that will never go out of style. Because crew neck cashmere jumpers are so versatile, they’ve been a central part of our N.Peal collection for many years. They’re perfect for both men and women.

Our Round Neck Cashmere Jumper in New Ivory White from our women’s cashmere collection is easy to style with a skirt and a trenchcoat. Made from luxurious pure cashmere, with a flattering round neckline, this cashmere crew neck creates a fabulously feminine silhouette. You can also choose from a fantastic variety of other colours like Primrose Yellow and Reef Blue.

Taking inspiration from James Bond, our Oxford Round Neck Cashmere Sweater in Derby Grey is irresistibly sophisticated. Wear with a button-down shirt for a polished look, or roll the sleeves up and pair your cashmere crew neck jumper with jeans and a t-shirt for casual days. It also comes in a variety of other colours, including Lavender Purple and Green Reflection.

A Stylish Cashmere Cardigan         

Add a fashionable finishing touch to your outfit with a cashmere cardigan. Our collection of cashmere cardigans has plenty of styles to choose from but one of our most timeless designs is our Round Neck Cashmere Cardigan which has a neat trim finish to ensure your outfit is always beautifully elegant.

This classic cardigan is available in a number of colours; however, our delicate shade of Cornflower Blue suits a complementing colour palette of navy and white or more muted shades such as Sand Brown. Alternatively, take cues from the catwalk and wear your cashmere cardigan with a printed skirt or dress to capture a chic vintage style look.

Our cashmere cardigans are also a fantastic wardrobe staple for men. Choose our Fine Gauge Cardigan in Red Berry and you’ll have a bold cashmere cardigan you’ll enjoy wearing year after year. If you prefer muted colours, Flint Grey is a versatile shade that can be worn to the office or on casual days off. The v-neck detailing looks effortlessly smart when paired with a button down shirt and tie, or over a casual collared polo shirt.

A Classic Roll Neck Jumper

Roll neck jumpers, or ‘turtle necks’ always look effortlessly stylish and have been a wardrobe go-to for decades. Their flattering and versatile cut makes them perfect to wear with a number of outfit combinations and simultaneously captures vintage style and contemporary chic in one design.

Our women’s Super Fine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in Black or Navy will look elegant dressed down with jeans and ballet pumps for off-duty days, or with smart tailored trousers or a skirt and heels for the office. Alternatively, you can wear the Rich Coral Pink shade for a pop of colour.

Roll neck cashmere jumpers also rarely go out of style for men. Our men’s Trafalgar Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in Navy is incredibly versatile and perfect for almost any occasion. It’s also available in Dark Charcoal Grey and Black, so you can have one for almost every situation.

Pair it with chinos and brogues for slick casual look, or layer underneath a tailored coat and suit trousers.

A Cashmere Scarf

A luxurious pure cashmere scarf is the perfect year-round accessory, which can be worn time and time again. Perfect for draping over a summer outfit on cooler evenings, or layering with a warm coat and chunkier knits to keep warm, cashmere scarves not only make the perfect ‘staple’ accessory, they also make fantastic gifts.

Our ladies’ Woven Cashmere Scarf in Heather Camel Brown is ideal for throwing over a blazer and navy trousers. The classic camel shade means your outfit stays on trend, regardless of how long it’s been in your wardrobe.

When you’re out for a stroll, wear your cashmere scarf with a lightweight quilted jacket, jeans and flat boots. For an outfit that ticks all the boxes, team it with a pea coat and flared trousers and embrace delightfully modern style.

Cashmere scarves are not just for ladies. Our men’s Woven Cashmere Scarf in Ocean Blue looks sophisticated and refined with a fitted cashmere waistcoat, and is available in a variety of other colours including Lilac Pink, Red and Dark Charcoal Grey.

Browse the full Women’s Cashmere Collection and Men’s Cashmere Collection at N.Peal today and discover more stunning pieces of cashmere knitwear to expand your selection.


Three Versatile Ways To Style A Cashmere Waistcoat

Nothing says luxury more than a cashmere waistcoat. No longer just a staple for your 9 to 5, they are great to wear on off-duty days and for special occasions.

To inspire you on how to style your favourite N.Peal cashmere waistcoat, we’re sharing three versatile ways you can wear a men’s cashmere waistcoat for any event – whether you’re looking for a dressed down weekend look, or something more formal.


Sophisticated Office Style

N.Peal Pattern Superfine Waistcoat in Navy Blue


A cashmere waistcoat is a great way to bring a touch of sophistication to your workwear, as you can dress it up as much, or as little as you like.

Navy is a fantastic contemporary colour choice for the office as it can be worn with a number of complementing shades such as white, cream, grey, purple and red to ensure that your office look is on-trend.

You’ll love how versatile our Pattern Superfine Waistcoat in Navy Blue and Wedgewood Blue can be. This luxurious cashmere and silk waistcoat is lightweight, making it perfect to wear with a white shirt and navy chinos for those all-important meetings at work.

For a modern take on classic officewear, style your cashmere waistcoat with a smart jacket. Bomber jackets never go out of style and our Knitted Cashmere Bomber Jacket in Selvedge Blue or Navy Blue is the perfect finishing touch for relaxed office style.


For Off-Duty Days

N.Peal Fine Gauge Zipped Waistcoat in Charcoal Grey

 Waistcoats aren’t just for the office, they can also be worn for any off-duty day. Whether you’re going for a walk in the countryside, or catching up with friends for drinks, a cashmere waistcoat is wonderful to wear at the weekend.

If you prefer a neutral colour palette, our Fine Gauge Zipped Waistcoat in Charcoal Grey is just the right cashmere waistcoat for you. Alternatively, you can wear the Red Berry and Blue Teal shades if you prefer a splash of colour.

Dress down your cashmere waistcoat with your favourite jeans and a plain white t-shirt for an effortlessly chic weekend look that can be worn anywhere.

Why not style your favourite cashmere waistcoat with a classic cashmere sweater for a look you’ll enjoy wearing throughout the year? Our Fine Gauge Sweater in Fumo Grey is made from a luxurious combination of cashmere and silk, and is thin enough to layer underneath any cashmere waistcoat.


The Perfect Look for Any Special Occasion

N.Peal Double Breasted Cashmere Waistcoat and Milano Cashmere Jacket

Make sure you step out in style at your next formal event with a cashmere waistcoat.

New in the Men’s SS18 Collection, this elegant Double Breasted Cashmere Waistcoat in Fumo Grey will look suave with a smart shirt and tie. This knitted cashmere waistcoat features our signature Milano stitch, which provides just the right quality of craftsmanship for instant impeccable style. Wear it with tailored trousers, and suit jacket to capture the epitome of timeless style.

Look for a jacket with luxurious detailing, like our Milano Cashmere Jacket in Navy Blue, and you’ll certainly impress! Or create a multi-dimensional look by pairing with the Flint Grey version, which will perfectly complement the lighter hues in your cashmere waistcoat.


Browse N.Peal to discover our full selection of Men’s Waistcoats at N.Peal and update your wardrobe in style.  

Thoughtful Cashmere Gifts To Give This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is all about treating your mum to something extra special, and here at N.Peal we have a fantastic selection of cashmere clothing and accessories to choose from for the perfect unique Mother’s Day gift.

All of our cashmere items at N.Peal are expertly crafted from the finest 100% cashmere, to ensure that your mum has an incredible gift she’ll really love wearing. Below, you will find inspiration in our handy guide of what to buy your mum for Mother’s Day, which includes luxurious gift ideas for every type of mum.


Tie Sleeve Cashmere Jumper – in Navy Blue – £299

Tie Sleeve Cashmere Jumper Navy Blue

Treat your mum with a classic cashmere jumper which she can wear throughout the year.

Our beautiful Tie Sleeve Cashmere Jumper is part of our Spring Collection, and is designed with dropped shoulders and luxurious tie detailing for effortless style.

Your mum can wear this classic Navy Blue shade with her favourite jeans and trainers for a relaxed Mother’s Day look, or dressed up with heels if you’re heading out to a Mother’s Day lunch. This classic cut jumper is also available in Rich Coral Pink, which is a great choice for livening up your spring wardrobe.


Bell Sleeve Cashmere Tunic – in Sand Brown– £349

 Bell Sleeve Cashmere Tunic in Sand Brown

No mum could possibly resist this stunning Bell Sleeve Cashmere Tunic on Mother’s Day.

Crafted from luxurious cashmere, this stunning tunic is knitted in a horizontal rib design, and features stylish bell sleeves. The versatile cut of this cashmere tunic makes it a great wardrobe staple for mums who like to bring a dash of their own style to staple pieces.


Chain Fronted Cashmere T-Shirt – in Navy Blue– £249

Chain Fronted Cashmere T Shirt

For stylish mums with a penchant for sparkle, this Chain Fronted Cashmere T-Shirt in Navy is a unique Mother’s Day gift idea to add shimmer to any occasion.

Featuring luxurious silver chain detailing draped across the front, this standout piece ideal to wear with tailored trousers and heels for an elegant evening look.


Fur Keyring – in Light Blue – £49

Fur Keyring in Blue

If you’re looking for a practical Mother’s Day gift which makes the perfect token gesture, our stylish Fur Keyrings ooze opulence. An ideal present for mums who love to accessorise! This colourful fur keyring will instantly brighten up her favourite handbag..

Available in a range of inspiring colours such as Light Pink and Natural Brown, if you want to treat her to a unique Mother’s Day gift, this Light Blue shade will really make her smile!


Ultrafine Pashmina Cashmere Shawl – in Lilac Pink – £179

 Ultrafine Pashmina Cashmere Shawl in Lilac

When searching for a classic Mother’s Day gift, our timeless Ultrafine Pashmina Cashmere Shawl is the perfect gift idea which your mum can keep for years to come.  Our cashmere pashminas are among our best selling items at N.Peal as they are ideal for draping over shoulders on cooler spring days and summer nights.

Made from luxurious superfine cashmere to give your mum something sumptuously soft to wrap up in, this Lilac Pink shade is the perfect hue for the new season, and will look effortlessly stylish when worn with complementing colours such as pastel blues and greys.


Cashmere Slippers – in Fumo Grey – £129

 Cashmere Slippers in Fumo Grey

Every woman needs a pair of chic slippers, and our Cashmere Slippers are the perfect fashionable addition for your mum’s wardrobe. Delicately crafted from 100% cashmere, they feature subtle bow detailing at the front. Your mum is sure to thank you for these ultra soft cashmere slippers, which are perfect for those days when she fancies curling up on the sofa with a film and a box of chocolates.


Browse N.Peal today to discover luxurious cashmere favourites in our Women’s Cashmere Collection, and give your mum an unforgettable Mother ’s Day gift!

How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe for Spring

With spring around the corner, it can be challenging to transition your N.Peal cashmere favourites from winter for the new season. However, the key to effortless spring style is by being creative with your outfits and integrating both winter and spring pieces for a look that can be adapted to all types of weather.

Cashmere is not just reserved exclusively for the coldest months of the year. All of our luxury cashmere knitwear is expertly crafted from the finest 100% cashmere, and by caring for your N.Peal knitwear pieces, you’ll have perfect versatile items to effortlessly transform your style from winter to spring.

Discover how to style your favourite cashmere pieces for spring, using classic items from our N.Peal Women’s Cashmere Collection and Men’s Cashmere Collection.

Embrace Colour for Spring  

When looking for an easy spring wardrobe update, why not introduce a vibrant colour to your look? A piece of colourful knitwear such as our beautiful Boxy Cashmere Poncho in Rich Coral Pink is perfect to wear with your favourite jeans or fitted trousers. A brightly hued cardigan will also update your look on cooler spring days.

Teamed with the classic cut of our men’s cashmere jumpers, we have given that spring wardrobe staple – the pastel shades – a more sophisticated look. Modern colours are toned down by an elegant classic cut but still give a fresh look.

The refreshing mint Green Reflection shade of our men’s Burlington V Neck Cashmere Jumper makes it perfect to wear with tan chinos and loafers, or jeans and trainers for laidback spring style.

Look Stylish in Layers

The key to transitioning your winter wardrobe for spring is to layer your clothing.  Layering is a great way to bring a new twist to any outfit as you can add or remove layers as you see fit. Wear your favourite cashmere jumper over our gorgeous Superfine Cashmere Shell Top for extra warmth or add an Ultrafine Pashmina Cashmere Shawl for effortless transitional style.

Our Fur Trim Hooded Cashmere Gilet is also a versatile piece, which is perfect for those ‘not quite warm enough to leave the coat at home’ spring days.

Men should opt for a classic colour palette on chilly spring mornings, and layer a classic cashmere jumper with our Fine Gauge Zipped Waistcoat in Fumo Grey. Our popular Woven Cashmere Scarf will also keep your look sophisticated throughout spring, until it’s finally warm enough to leave your winter knits behind.

Combine Different Patterns and Textures

Update your winter staples for spring by experimenting with different patterns and textures. Wear a textured skirt with a plain top for the perfect transitional look. Our striking Long Contrast Stripe Cashmere Skirt is suitable to wear for almost any occasion with a variety of light knitted tops or shirts. If you want to bring an extra luxurious touch to your outfit, pair it with our classic Superfine Long Sleeve Cashmere Top.

For an off-duty menswear look, layer a textured sweater like our Cable Half Zip Cashmere Sweater over a simple t-shirt and jeans to ensure your transitional outfit looks effortlessly modern for spring.

Update a Classic Wardrobe Staple

Black leggings are a staple in any women’s wardrobe, and the key to wearing yours for a new season is by updating your accessories. Swap out winter boots and pair them with stylish flat brogues or trainers for an instant spring update. Our Leggings are crafted from a luxurious blend of cashmere and silk to keep your style understated and chic.

Likewise, a navy blue cardigan like our men’s Berkeley Cashmere Cardigan never goes out of style. It’s a timeless piece you can wear day or night, and style it with everything from jeans to tailored trousers.

Wear over a simple white t-shirt, or complement the navy shades with our Superfine Bomber Jacket, which can also be worn with a shirt and tie for sophisticated office style. Finish your outfit with a complementing accessory like our Beanie Cashmere Hat for the perfect transitional look.

Browse N.Peal today and discover our new Women’s Spring Collection and Men’s Spring Collection to transition your wardrobe for spring in style.

How to Wear Ultra Violet – The Pantone Colour of the Year

In January, Pantone announced that Ultra Violet is their Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018. This rich purple shade is versatile and be dramatic or subtle depending on how you choose to wear this colour. Why not embrace this stunning shade for effortless style throughout Spring?

Purple has long been associated with luxury and high society, and this vibrant shade can be worn for the new season with a variety of cashmere clothing and accessories from N.Peal for a sophisticated look.

For inspiration on how to introduce ultraviolet into your wardrobe, we are sharing different ways to wear the colour of the year with key items within our N.Peal collection. Whether you’re looking for an understated daytime look, or want to embrace a more formal style that can take you into the evening, we have the perfect look for you.

How to Wear Ultra Violet: Womenswear

Chain Embellished Cashmere Trouser – in Navy Blue –  £329  

The key to wearing purple is to choose pieces in complementing colours. Our wide-leg cashmere trousers are the perfect choice if you’re looking for unique spring style that embodies both comfort and sophistication. Crafted from luxurious 100% Mongolian cashmere, these elegant, slouchy trousers are a great introduction to any seasonal wardrobe.


Pair with a purple blazer and our understated Superfine Cashmere Shell Top for the ultimate regal colour combination. Or, why not team the trousers with our Round Neck Cashmere Jumper in a soft lavender hue and wear purple with ease?

V Neck Cashmere Cardigan – in Lilac Pink –  £219

Why not be a fashion maverick and wear purple with soft pink for a look that will turn heads. Our classic v-neck cashmere cardigan is crafted from the highest quality cashmere and features a traditional cut that is flattering on all shapes. This light knitted cashmere cardigan is the perfect item for cooler spring evenings.

Layer over a superfine cashmere jumper with jeans and trainers for a chic off-duty look, or couple with fitted trousers if you’re keen to introduce a splash of purple into your officewear. Layering is key to any spring outfit so why not invest in our Long Milano Cashmere Waistcoat for a subtle colour palette that will see you through the season. It is sumptuously soft, and the perfect hue to make purple pop.

Superfine Ribbed Cashmere Sweater – in Sand Brown and Ivory White–  £239

If you are unsure how to wear purple, why not introduce this subtle shade into your outfit with a tailored purple skirt, or a pair of purple fitted trousers? When worn with our Superfine Ribbed Cashmere Sweater, you’ll create a modern look that still echoes classic style. Made from the finest 100% cashmere in a worsted yarn, it will perfectly compliment the cool ultraviolet shade. Add our soft-to-the-touch Cable Cashmere Hat for an extra burst of colour.


How to Wear Ultra Violet: Menswear

The Carnaby Half Zip Cashmere Jumper – in Cornflower Blue and Ocean Blue –  £319

Ultra Violet is not just a wonderful shade for women, it brings a whole new dimension to any men’s outfit. For understated spring style, our ocean blue Carnaby Half Zip Cashmere Jumper is a fresh and versatile shade which will perfectly contrast with the blue undertones of an ultra violet T-shirt.

This provides an easy way to wear purple, which will ensure that your outfit look is on trend. This jumper is made from our signature 100% Mongolian cashmere, and can be worn with a pair of indigo wash jeans or navy chinos for relaxed, contemporary style.

When you want to stave off springtime chills, you can accessorise with our stylish Woven Cashmere Scarf in a warm shade of soft brown. Or, perhaps you’d like to combine your scarf with The Oxford Round Neck Cashmere Jumper for the perfect off-duty look.

The Thames Cable Round Neck Cashmere Sweater – in Lavender Purple –  £299

If a deep shade of ultraviolet is not for you, instead take inspiration from Pantone’s Colour of the Year and embrace a lighter shade of purple.  If you’re looking for an outfit that will take you from the boardroom to the bar, our The Thames Cable Round Neck Cashmere Sweater is made from irresistibly soft cashmere to give your spring wardrobe a luxurious update.

It’s ideal for layering over a white shirt and tie and tailored trousers for an effortless day to night look while still allowing this regal purple hue to be the focus of your outfit. For those chilly spring mornings, you can team it with our Herringbone Cashmere Bomber Jacket for instant sartorial style.

Double Breasted Cashmere Waistcoat – in Fumo Grey –  £369

If you want to look suave and sophisticated while wearing purple, you’ll love our marvellous Double Breasted Cashmere Waistcoat. Expertly crafted from 100% Mongolian cashmere, this will look fantastic with a round neck purple shirt and a pair of jeans for a smart casual weekend look.

Grey, whether it’s a deep flint, charcoal or silver, is also the perfect complement to ultra violet, so why not layer our exquisite Milano Cashmere Jacket over the top for effortless style and a colour palette that will truly impress.

Browse N.Peal and discover our full Women’s Spring Collection and Men’s Spring Collection today to complete your new season wardrobe.


Three Ways to Style a Roll Neck Jumper for Spring

A women’s luxury cashmere Roll Neck Jumper is a wardrobe essential for the colder weather, and will take you with ease through the cold winter, and into the fresher days of spring.

To inspire you on how to style your N.Peal cashmere favourite through the seasons, we’re sharing three different ways to wear a roll neck or turtleneck jumper for spring – whether you’re dressing down for a relaxing weekend, or dressing up for a more sophisticated look that can take you into the evening.

For Off-Duty Days

Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper – in Fumo Grey –  £329

Jeans and a jumper is a classic combination, but for spring 2018, take note of the spring trend for dark denim and wear our gorgeous Polo Neck Cashmere Jumper in soft Fumo Grey with indigo slim leg jeans for the perfect off-duty look.

Made from our signature 100% Mongolian cashmere, this delightful piece will look stunning when layered beneath our Fur Neckwarmer and Woven Cashmere Coat for a contemporary spring outfit in classic neutral hues. Finish your look with our elegant Fingerless Cashmere Gloves in rich Malbec Red to stave off the springtime chills.

Sophisticated Office Chic

Antler Cable Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper – in New Ivory White –  £249

‘Texture’ is another fabulous fashion trend for spring 2018 – and if you’re keen to stay ahead of spring fashion trends, you’ll be delighted to know our beautiful Antler Cable Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper ticks all the boxes. This piece can be seamlessly integrated into your workwear wardrobe when paired with wide leg trousers and simple black pumps, or a loose fitting midi length skirt for a feminine silhouette.

Expertly crafted from 100% woven Mongolian cashmere, this irresistibly soft roll neck jumper is ideal to wear with our Milano Stitch Cashmere Cardigan as an alternative to a more formal jacket. Complete the look with one of our best-selling cashmere pashminas, in a statement hue of Golden Tweed Brown or pretty Dusty Pink.

An Elegant Day-to-Night Look

Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper – in Black –  £229

A black roll neck jumper should be in every woman’s wardrobe! Our Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper in Black is made using the finest 100% cashmere – and not only is it sumptuously soft and lightweight, but it’s the perfect transitional piece for effortless day-to-night style.

Tuck your roll neck jumper into the waistband of a fitted pencil skirt, and add sleek stiletto heels and a statement jewelled necklace for a perfectly polished evening look. Or, add a fun touch with a tulle midi skirt for those more special occasions! A Fur Edge Triangular Cashmere Scarf, or our breathtakingly luxurious Fox Front Cashmere Cape completes your evening attire.

Discover our full Women’s Roll Neck & Turtleneck Jumpers Collection to complete your spring wardrobe, and find out how to care for your treasured cashmere to keep it in its very best condition for many seasons to come. 

What to Pack for a Winter City Break

A winter weekend city break should always be a relaxing getaway – yet packing for one can sometimes be anything but! Limited airline hand baggage allowances, coupled with the colder weather make it a challenge to pack the perfect capsule wardrobe. What you require are versatile, easy to wear pieces that travel well and stay looking good, and we have plenty to choose from in our Men’s and Women’s cashmere collections.

Below, we share three essential Mongolian cashmere pieces from both collections to include in your weekend city break wardrobe. From chic capes to stylish jackets, each piece can be worn in several ways, so you can save your suitcase space for those all-important souvenirs.

And to ensure you don’t forget the essentials, you’ll also find our complete winter city break weekend packing checklists for women and men at the end of this post! Free to download, our helpful checklists include everything you need for a weekend away in colder weather, so all you need to worry about is getting to the airport on time for a pre-flight cocktail.

Winter City Break Essentials for Women

Fur Trim Belted Cashmere Cape – in Navy Blue –  £895

Look effortlessly stylish on your next weekend trip with our sumptuously soft Fur Trim Belted Cashmere Cape. It’s extremely versatile and can be layered over jumpers with your favourite jeans or trousers for daytime, or draped over an evening dress. Save space in your luggage by wearing your cashmere cape on the aeroplane too.

Superfine Cashmere Shell Top – in Dark Charcoal Grey – £159

Layering is key to packing the perfect weekend city break wardrobe. Our Superfine Cashmere Shell Top, available in seven beautiful colours, is ideal to wear beneath a jumper to keep the cold at bay while you go sightseeing. It can also be paired with a sleek pair of trousers, chic heels and statement accessories for an easy evening look.

Cashmere Leggings – in Black –  £249

From relaxing in the airport lounge to winding down in your hotel, always be sure to pack comfortable and flattering leggings for your weekend getaway, and our best-selling Cashmere Leggings are the perfect pair. They can also be worn with a dress or tunic for daytime, and are lightweight enough to be worn as an under-layer with trousers should the temperatures be lower than you expected.

Click here to download our Women’s packing checklist

Winter City Break Essentials for Men

Chunky Waffle Cashmere Jacket – in Brown Marl –  £995

Wrap up in our fabulously warm Chunky Waffle Cashmere Jacket for instant sophisticated style on your next winter escape. Crafted from our signature 100% Mongolian cashmere, and with eye-catching details such as suede elbow patches, it can be worn over a shirt and jeans or paired with trousers for the evening.

Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck Sweater – in Dark Charcoal Grey –  £239

Packing a lightweight jumper such our Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck Sweater for your weekend trip is a superb way to look effortlessly refined. Crafted from a mixture of cashmere and silk, it’s flattering and easy to layer over a vest or underneath a shirt, or wear it alone with trousers for dinner or drinks.

The Berkeley 2ply Cashmere Cardigan – in Navy Blue –  £399

Our Berkeley 2ply Cashmere Cardigan is a weekend trip staple. Made from the softest Mongolian cashmere, and in a choice of four shades, you can wear it over jeans or trousers for instant smart-casual style. In the evening, button it up over a classic white shirt for an instantly put-together look.

Click here to download our Men’s packing checklist

Download Our Free Winter Weekend City Break Packing Checklist

To make packing for a weekend city break even easier, why not download our packing lists for a winter city break weekend? It covers everything from your outfits and beauty and skin care products to those easily-forgotten extras, such as phone chargers and adaptors. Keep it with your passport so you’re always prepared!

Before you jet off for your exciting weekend city break, don’t forget to:

  • Check the weather before you leave and pack your suitcase accordingly
  • Strip back your beauty routine to the bare essentials
  • Stick to complementing colours and avoid clashing patterns
  • Make sure that every top you pack can be worn with every pair of trousers or skirts
  • Try to avoid packing clothing that will crease on your journey – cashmere pieces stay looking great, straight out of your suitcase

For more city break packing inspiration, browse N.Peal’s full collection of Women’s and Men’s clothing, including versatile styles such as women’s cashmere capes and men’s cashmere jackets.