Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) Not Available

Our delivery partners are unable to provide a delivery duty paid service to all counties, therefore if you send parcels to any of the countries listed below delivery duty and any customs charges must be borne by you. Unfortunately we have no control over this or what the charges may be.


Andorra  Cook Islands  Ivory Coast  Nigeria
Albania  Djibouti  Jersey C.I.  Palestine
American Samoa  East Timor  Kazahkstan  Papua New Guinea
 Angola  El Salvador  Kenya  Reunion
 Anguilla  Eritrea  Kyrgyzstan  Russia
 Antigua  Estonia  Lesotho  Rwanda
 Armenia  Ethiopia  Liberia  San Marino
 Azerbaijan  Faroe Islands  Macedonia  Senegal
 Belarus  Fiji  Madagascar  Serbia Montenegro
 Benin  French Polynesia  Malawi  Seychelles
 Bhutan  Gabon  Maldives, republic of  Tanzania
 Bolivia  Gambia  Mali  Togo
 Bosnia-Herzegovina  Georgia, Republic of  Marshall Islands  Tonga
 Botswana  Ghana  Mauritania  Tunisia
 Brazil  Gibraltar  Moldova  Uganda
 British Virgin Islands  Greenland  Mongolia  Uzbekistan
 Burkina Faso  Guam  Montserrat  Vanuatu
 Burundi  Guernsey C.I.  Mozambique  Vatican City State
 Cameroon  Guinea  Namibia  Yemen, Republic of
 Cape Verde  Guyana  Nepal  Zambia
 Chad  Haiti  New Caledonia  Zimbabwe
 Congo, Dem. Rep of  Iceland  Niger