Winter Cashmere Collection

Many of this Autumn/Winter season’s colours have taken inspiration from the Scottish Highlands providing rich muted colours in pink, purple, grey, green and blue. You will still see flashes of more vibrant shades to liven up the overall colour palette such as the Saffron Yellow and the Berry Red. The Berry Red is a particularly beautiful colour.

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N.Peal cashmere

N.Peal Cashmere

Over generations N.Peal has built relationships with the normandic people of Mongolia, learning to understand which regions within this fascinating country produce the best cashmere and where we can spin the highest quality of our famous knitwear range.

N.Peal Cashmere gifts

N.Peal Gift Guide

The N.Peal Gift Guide features an inspiring selection of beautiful Cashmere and fur pieces which cannot fail to delight!

N.Peal Cashmere NPG-132 Imperial Blue

Daniel Craig - SPECTRE

The new James Bond film was announced with Daniel Craig choosing to wear NPG-132 Round Neck Sweater in Imperial Blue at the press call. He loved the rich shade of blue which matched his eyes. The film is to be called SPECTRE and naturally Bond has chosen a couple of N.Peal cashmere styles to wear in the film. We shall keep you posted!


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