A well-organised wardrobe has never been more coveted than it is right now. While not a new concept, the fashion world is once again turning towards the capsule wardrobe as the perfect way to capture effortless style by using classic pieces that can be worn day-in, day-out.

The term was first coined by Susie Faux in the 1970s and has been favoured by a number of designers as it focuses on transcending seasonal trends with timeless items that never go out of style. The aim is to encourage us to buy less while ultimately getting more out of our clothing.

Creating beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime has long been part of the N.Peal brand, and it seems that sustainable fashion and 'decluttering' have quickly become the new style rules. With shoppers seeking luxurious high-quality items that not only go with everything, but truly last as 'investment' pieces, there has never been a better time to create a capsule wardrobe with N.Peal's cashmere collection.

Discover our guide below on how to create a luxurious capsule wardrobe:

Know Your Style

The key concept behind the capsule wardrobe is to strip back the things you don't wear often - or at all - and focus on standout styles and pieces which define you as an individual.

Start by looking at what you already own and highlight which pieces are your favourite or that suit you the most. You may find that your 'go-to' colour is a deep navy blue, or that a smart tailored jacket is your 'signature' item that you wear with everything. You may also notice that you tend to buy clothing in similar cuts, fabrics and hues. Separate the pieces you really care about from the rest and make these the base of your capsule wardrobe.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

The ideal capsule wardrobe should contain 50 or fewer pieces that you can adapt to create a number of looks. One of the first steps is to reevaluate what you no longer need. Marie Kondo, the author of the 'decluttering Bible' The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up has been praised far and wide for her life transforming advice on decluttering closets, wardrobes and everything in between. Her advice is to only hold on to items that 'spark joy' and to get rid of the rest.

Once you've pulled out the items you love most, you can separate your remaining wardrobe into three piles; toss, sell/donate and 'maybe'. Stick by the rule of thumb that if it is badly damaged, no longer fits, or if you have not worn the item in over a year, it should be thrown away or given a new home.

For those in the 'maybe' pile, store away out of sight and note whether you miss any of these items. You can then make a decision to purge or reintroduce them to your capsule wardrobe.

Shop For Longevity

Fashion trends constantly shift with each season, making it difficult to shop for pieces that will last. Rather than choosing faddy trends and unusual shapes, you should instead look for high-quality, classic items that feel 'timeless'; these will remain versatile and will still look good down the line as they did on the day you bought them.

Look for signs of high quality craftsmanship, which will be reflected in everything from the fabrics and the cut, as well as where and how it has been made. A gentle tug on the seams of a garment will indicate whether the item is well-sewn, while checking the labels and feeling the fabric itself will determine the quality.

For example, all of our cashmere products display '100% cashmere' on the care label, and will feel ultra-soft due to the quality of cashmere we use so you can be sure that you're buying a long-lasting product.

Take Your Time

Curating your capsule wardrobe is an ongoing process, which requires careful thought and consideration.

When shopping for new pieces, spend a little more time on choosing your purchases. Assess whether new items will fit with your existing pieces in terms of cut, texture and colour. Additionally, don't be afraid to shop around; take time to carry out your research online, including reading reviews and asking in-store for advice. Any good brand will have staff who know their products inside out.

Care For Your Items

Garment care is an important part of maintaining your favourite pieces, as it helps them look as good as new for longer. Whether you're dealing with cashmere, wool, leather, silk or cotton, always follow the care instructions. This also goes for storage and any repairs needed. Hanging or folding your clothes correctly will prevent long-term damage to the shape and fabric of your garments as well as preventing mould or moths getting to them.

If you have any items that become scuffed, bobbled, snagged, have stitching that has started to fray or buttons that have fallen off, see if these can be repaired; it may save you from having to throw away something you love!

Staple Items For Every Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

There's no restriction on how many of each item should sit in your capsule wardrobe. As a guide, the below items as a minimum should give you more than enough choice to create versatile looks, whether you're headed to the boardroom or the bar;

  • One coat
  • A jacket
  • Up to two shirts
  • Two or three T-shirts in complementary or accent colours -
  • One pair of smart trousers
  • A pair of jeans
  • One piece of well-crafted knitwear
  • Two pairs of shoes; smart and casual
  • A versatile dress or skirt if creating a women's capsule wardrobe.

There are also some key pieces which we would recommend including to get the most out of your collection;

A High Quality Cashmere Jumper

Choose a sumptuously soft, high quality cashmere jumper in a timeless style such as a crew neck to wear with anything from a smart shirt to jeans. Alternatively, a turtle neck sweater will pair perfectly with a skirt or gilet.

A Crisp White Button Up Shirt

The white shirt has long been hailed as the ultimate wardrobe staple due to its versatility and ability to suit almost every style; wear tucked into tailored trousers or with rolled up sleeves and chunky knitwear.

Black Tailored Trousers

Whether heading to the office or dressing up for an evening, smart tailored trousers in a flattering cut will never fail to polish your look.

A Colourful Pashmina Shawl or Scarf

A pashmina scarf has all the versatility you'll ever need to brighten up any outfit, especially when crafted from luxurious cashmere. Pair with a stylish coat or drape around shoulders for a more relaxed, casual look.

Stylish Classic Cut Blazer

A blazer-style smart tailored jacket is sophisticated when paired with any outfit. Find a colour and texture that suits your style, such as a high quality tweed, a muted hue or an eye-catching print. Create an exquisite capsule wardrobe today with our stunning cashmere clothing and accessories, crafted using only the finest Mongolian cashmere.

Create a capsule wardrobe with N.Peal

Create an exquisite capsule wardrobe today with our stunning cashmere clothing and accessories, crafted using only the finest Mongolian cashmere. Shop these key pieces online at N.Peal and get complimentary delivery and bespoke gift wrapping on all orders.