The N.Peal 2022 Spring Summer shoot

The key ingredients for a Spring photoshoot are blue skies and sunshine. The glorious new images just launching with the fabulous Spring Summer 22 collection were shot - eventually and after a lot of changes - on the Algarve in Portugal in late October 2021. 
We had planned to be in Palm Springs with the gorgeous climate, colours and venues that that location would bring. At that point we naively thought that Covid would disappear quicker than it actually has ..and we were optimistic but finally threw in the towel and hastily rearranged everything to take place in Portugal.
Photoshoot logistics are always complex - getting cameras, lights and batteries on and off planes, making sure models have the correct visas, flights and transfers, getting location documentation and permits to shoot etc etc . Adding the Covid restrictions into this took us to a whole new level of complexity and a lot of ‘what if …’ I alone had 4 suitcases of product to get through the local airport and safely to Faro, almost physically impossible!
Disaster struck on the eve of the shoot - our photographer, Amir, tested positive and was unable to join us from Austria. A photoshoot without a photographer ?? Some serious team rejigging was in order. 
N Peal 2022 Spring Summer shootWe filmed the first two days in a fantastic villa close to Portimao. There was a fabulous pool area, terraces, tennis court and gardens perfect for the vibe we needed and all bathed in glorious late Autumn sunshine. Then a day on a boat out of Portimao marina but sadly the weather had turned cloudy and cold and consequently all the shots had to happen within the marina itself, happily our well rehearsed team are always adaptable. We gathered a crowd of interested spectators!
N Peal Spring Summer 2022 photo shoot
The products looked amazing and we are excited to see it launch. We have gone big on colour this season and introduced a cotton / cashmere mix for the men’s collection.
Roll on May 2022 and the next photoshoot - the theme will be ‘Country House Party’ and we’re shooting right here at Broughton Hall. No flights, no visas, no lugging huge suitcases around the globe. What could possibly go wrong?