Can You Wear Cashmere All Year Round?

Can You Wear Cashmere All Year Round?

Luxury cashmere will bring timeless elegance into your wardrobe for every season. Known for its softness and luxe appeal, cashmere remains a firm favourite for autumn and winter layering. However, it is also an effortless choice for those lighter, brighter and warmer spring and summer days in the sun.  

As it is such a versatile wardrobe staple, cashmere is your all-year-round essential for elegant, luxury dressing. Here, we will explore how to style it through the seasons.

Can You Wear Cashmere in the Summer?

While cashmere may be best known for winter style, wearing cashmere in the summer can be the epitome of chic. The breathability of cashmere works to keep you cool in summer, whilst its warmth will ensure you’re toasty in the cooler months.  

Learn more about why cashmere is perfect for summer in our short guide and discover our top tips for styling in warmer weather.

Opt For Light Pieces

male wearing white quarter zip cashmere jumper

Cashmere is perhaps known best for its warmth and softness but lighter, fine cashmere pieces are also a breathable choice for sunnier climates.  

The best quality cashmere at N.Peal is crafted with high-quality, extra-long and fine cashmere fibres to ensure a lightweight feel whether you’re sunning in the garden or stepping off a boat in the Med. A superfine round neck jumper or chic cashmere t-shirt allows you to embrace luxury cashmere while regulating your temperature and feeling dry and comfortable whatever the weather.

Choose Summer-Friendly Styles 

Cashmere can be so much more than cozy jumpers and cardigans. You can opt for incredibly comfortable and lightweight cashmere knit dresses or even statement cashmere kaftans for bright and bold summertime pieces.

woman wearing light cashmere dress

Can You Wear Cashmere in the Rain?

When choosing what to pack for a winter city break where rain may well be on the cards, cashmere is always an elegant choice. It is advisable to keep your cashmere clear and dry of direct rainwater, but it remains an ideal option for layering on those cooler strolls around a new city. So, simply add a lightweight jacket over your cashmere pieces to keep them in the very best condition.  

Plus, those beautiful cashmere items you picked up during the winter can be a stylish transition into your spring wardrobe. Discover more in our spring styling guide.

Is it Possible to Wear Cashmere All Year Round? 

Yes, of course. Cashmere is a wardrobe essential in both cooler winter months and warmer summer days. It is all down to the versatility of the fabric.

man wearing navy long-sleeve polo shirt

While cashmere is known for incredible insulation in colder temperatures, its natural temperature-regulating properties make it a fantastic choice for keeping you cool and ensuring plenty of air circulation and breathability in the sunshine. Cashmere also holds natural moisture-wicking properties to ensure moisture is kept away from the skin, keeping you comfortable in all weather.  

From styling your most important summer events to casual looks for errands and shopping days, cashmere is a trans-seasonal staple for every chic wardrobe.