N.Peal Guide to Cashmere Care

"If you love your cashmere as much as we do, you’ll want to ensure it stays in it's most beautiful condition"

Here are some essential care guide tips from N. Peal the Cashmere specialists; featuring products from our new collaborative range with The Laundress, a New York-based Eco-Friendly company specialising in sustainable cleaning solutions to keep your favourite pieces looking their best.


With every new cashmere garment, you should expect a very small amount of ‘pilling’ to occur, due to the friction of everyday wear against the loose fibres on the knitwear’s surface. This is not an indicator of the quality of your knitwear, but it is part of the unique character of cashmere. Pilling can be kept minimum by gently washing your garment to remove the loose fibres. Should pilling still occur it can be very easily removed with the use of a special cashmere comb. To comb your cashmere, lay your garment flat and lightly brush the comb over the surface, wherever you see pills forming. Pay special attention to areas of your garment that are most susceptible to friction; such as the hips, underarms and shoulders.  

Even if there is no visible pilling on your cashmere knitwear, you should still comb it regularly to remove any loose fibres that may soon lead to pills forming.


Between wears we recommend folding cashmere and storing in a drawer, shelf or cashmere storage bag away from heat sources in sunlight. We recommend our Cashmere storage bag, as non-specialist hangers can misshape your garment.

To store your cashmere for a longer period, place them inside a cashmere storage bag, close the zip and place in a cool dark place towards the top or back of the wardrobe. Our cotton cashmere storage bag will ensure no condensation affects the garment and cotton is a natural moth repellent. For extra freshness, spray with Cashmere spray before storing for long periods of time. 

TOP TIP: Always store your garments with a couple of Cedar Wood Balls, which is also a natural way to prevent clothes getting damaged by mildew or moths.


To wash your cashmere by hand add a few drops of our cashmere wash to a clean bowl of lukewarm water. Mix well and allow your garments to soak for a few minutes, gently squeezing the water through the fabric. Rinse well with lukewarm water. If your cashmere is stained, you may need to use our N. Peal Stain solution. 

Please remember all machines are different for our best advice for washing by machine, place your garment in a laundry bag before placing it in the machine whilst adding a small amount of N. Peal cashmere wash to the drawer. Use a low or short spin cycle. Wash your cashmere ONLY on a delicate, wool or hand wash cycle at a temperature no higher than 30degrees.


Remove excess water by laying your garment on a towel, rolling it up and gently pressing it (you may then unroll and reshape if needed). We recommend air drying flat on a drying rack away from all heat sources and sunlight. You should not hang cashmere knitwear on a clothes hanger to allow it to dry, as the weight of the water will cause the garment to stretch and become misshapen. It is also not safe to dry cashmere in a tumble dryer. Don't forget, you can use our beautifully scented Cashmere Spray to freshen your items in between wears and cut the washing and drying process down.

More top tips: Take special care when pairing rough-textured clothing, handbags or jewellery with sharp edges with your cashmere knitwear, as it can leave it prone to pilling or snags. 


If you feel anyway unsure about how to care for your N. Peal Cashmere knitwear, or do not feel confident to clean it yourself, we invite you to bring your garments into any of our N. Peal London stores where we will be pleased to take care of the cleaning for you. If you are unable to visit our stores in person, please do give us a call on +44 (0) 207 499 6485 or email; we will be happy to offer our specialist advice. Should your N. Peal Cashmere garment need repairs we can also arrange this for you, giving you peace of mind that your treasured piece is in safe hands.