We continue our African adventure with Chapter II. Known locally as ‘The Mara’, the Maasai Mara Conservancies is dotted with indigenous umbrella thorn trees, the branches are often adorned with leopards as lions take solace in the shade underneath. Giraffes gracefully roam the grassy plains whilst zebras graze and elephants socialise. Nestled within the Plains is the Ol Chorro Rhino Sanctuary. The Rangers from the local community tend to the Rhino and ensure they’re safe from poachers.

The Ol Chorro Rhino Sanctuary is purely self-funded through tourism to protect this incredible species. White Rhino ‘Queen Elizabeth’ aged 20 and ‘Kofi Annan’ a young male aged 14 are part of a conservation project.

The young male ‘Kofi Annan’ is not yet at an age to breed with ‘Queen Elizabeth’ but it is hoped that will change within the next 2 to 3 years.


As we venture out onto the plains, we immerse ourselves in the vast, unmistakably African landscape. The colour palette compliments the landscape and emphasizes the tones in the natural surroundings.

As giraffe nonchalantly graze the Plains, they set the pace and life shifts into a slower gear, providing the perfect opportunity to drink it all in.

We watch on as a lioness casually wakes from afternoon slumber, her pack keeping a watchful eye close-by.

Vermilion red underpins our Chapter II cashmere collection and adds contrast to the surroundings. Strong enough to make an impact alone but when paired with Zanzibar or Nile Blue, something really special happens.


Our Spring Summer ‘23 collection is inspired by and was photographed in Kenya, Africa. Click here to shop Chapter II - The Mara.